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Bang, Betsy Garrett [drawing]  

Basara, Bob [2 Footnotes from Things]  

Bergé, Carol [To You as Balboa, Lut Us Say...]  

Brakhage, Stan [The Robert Letter]  

Cage, John [Diary: How To Improve The World (You Will Only Make Matters Worse)]  

Collum, Jack [two poems]  

Conner, Bruce [Classified Advertisements]  

Coolidge, Clark [A Little Magazine History]   [The Breaks]   [six visual poems]  

Dawson, Fielding [from Double People]   [from The Dream]   [The Firm Grip]  

Dean, Nicholas [cover]   [photograph]  

Edson, Russell [4 fables]  

Eigner, Larry [two poems]   [However they are Italian, or were]  

Fernbach-Flarsheim, Carl [two visual poems]   [Conceptual Cloud #1]   ["Canvas for two voices and percussions"]  

Finlay, Ian Hamilton [two poems]  

Finstein, Max [four poems]  

Furnival, John [Devil Trap]   [Babacus]   [Tours de Babel Changées en Ponts]  

Greene, Jonathan [Traveling Song]   [Trickster Tales]  

Harris, Marguerite [two poems]  

Heliczer, Piero [from The Peacock Vow]  

Houedard, Dom Sylvester [three visual poems]   [two visual poems]  

Katzman, Allen [from "Regards from the Outhouse"]  

Katzman, Don [from "Regards from the Outhouse"]   [two poems]  

Kelly, Robert [two poems]  

Koller, James ["salt water swirls at the stone"]  

Mac Low, Jackson [three Light Poems]  

Mayer, Bernadette [two poems]  

McClure, Michael [from Love Lion Book]  

Metcalf, Paul [Johnny Appleseed: 1966]  

Morgan, Edwin [three poems]  

Moss, Harry [cover]  

Niedecker, Lorine [Three Poems In One Year, Jonathan]  

Oppenheimer, Joel [three poems]  

Palmer, Michael [five poems]  

Perreault, John [Readymade]   [four poems]  

Puissance Voiture ["les lunes de tes fesses"]  

Rexroth, Kenneth [Ottffssente]  

Saroyan, Aram [Tired Poem]   [4 poems from Sled Hill Voices]   [A Note on Giacometti]   [four poems]  

Sloman, Joel [Lock In My Room, The Last Of My Kind]  

Snyder, Gary [3.XI.60]   [from Six Years]  

VanDerBeek, Stan ["Culture: Intercom" and Expanded Cinema]  

Wieners, John [A Tribute To Raymond Chandler]  

Williams, Jonathan [Lib Ertyver Susor Der / Poems On Liberty Versus Order]   [Jargon Press]  

Winslow, Richard K. [lecture]  

Zukofsky, Louis ["After Reading, a song"]  

Zukofsky, Paul [On No. 18 for Orchestra]