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L Magazine Numbers 1 - 5 (1972-1974)

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Andrews, Bruce [No. 127]  [Song No. 151]

Bateman, James [Waves]  

Berkson, Bill [ten poems]   

Bond, Harold [Fragments of an Earlier Life]  [The Only Bathtub in Browning, Montana]  [Weekend]

Brainard, Joe [Some Prose Poems]  

Brownstein, Michael [Symmetrical Lights]  

Burkard, Michael [(Collioure)]   

Coolidge, Clark [Doors]   [Tiny Messages]

Corbett, William [Auction]  [Drunkeness]

Creeley, Robert [Note]   

Faville, Curtis [American Poetry]  [AQUA]  [Borsalino]   [Columbian Blue]  [A Gross Perpetuity]  [Jealousy]  ["open/the woman"]  [Poem ("potatoes in the pot...")]  [Poem ("This morning...")]  [Poem ("What is a pause...")]  [A Quality]  [Song]

Gitin, David [Oklahoma]  [37]

Goldensohn, Barry [Metaphor as Fact]  

Graber, John [Evidence]   [Weathermen of Winter, 1969]

Gray, Darrell [Late Lunch at Leo's Café]   

Grenier, Robert ["local road"]   [PAGES]  [(six poems)]

Harvey, Brad [Chevalier]  [On the 23rd of December, 1854]  [Tradewinds]  

Hollo, Anselm [amazing grace]  [a poem remembering paul blackburn]  ["when off a precipitous cliff"]  

Johnson, Denis [The Coming of Age]   [Poem]   

Justice, Donald [Elegy for John Berryman]   

Koller, James [Three Poems]   

Miles, Dick ["From here I see twelve stars shining"]  

Morgan, John [Address to the Living]  [The After-Age of Dishevelment]  

Morice, Dave ["in the/stall"]   [The Oriole]   

Notley, Alice [How It Stands]  [IF TROUBLE DON'T]  [A Poem]  [SEE THE BIRDS OF YESTERDAY]  [Sizeup]  [We Arrived & What We Did]  

Padgett, Ron [Elegy on a William Burro]  

Palmer, Michael [Along the Edge]   [Barcelona]   [Prose 50]   

Perelman, Bob [4 Poems]  [How to Write]  

Preston, Jim [Jude's Junk]  

Raworth, Tom [Beautiful Habit]   [Mr. & Mrs. Grief]   [Perpetual Motion]   

Saroyan, Aram [Mr. Stumola]   

Schnoor, Patrick [Preludes: After a Thing (Painting)]   [Preludes: Afternoon]   [Preludes: The Poem and the Sun]   [Preludes: Tulare Lake, Basin, California]   [six sonnets]   [when she comes]   

Schuyler, James [Bleeding Gums]   

Sears, Peter [Demolition of Grand Central Station]  

Silliman, Ron [ACTH]  [Pavilions]  [POPEYE]  [(untitled cover)]  ["tendon"]

Taggart, John [Cantus Firmus]   

Talarico, Ross [Adolescence: A Love Poem]  [Snowfires]  

Trias, Peter [In Polperro]   [Ocean Liner]   

Towle, Tony [Highway]  

Warsh, Lewis [nine poems]   

Watten, Barrett [I Live Alone]    [Living Space]    ["the moon is in the fan"]    [Natura Morta]    ["open air"]    [from OPERA-WORKS]    [Shot]    ["so fleshlike"]    [Thibet]    [Weight]   

Whalen, Philip [Alleyway]   

Will, Frederic [December]   [Poem]   [Two Scenes from the Escape of Theseus]