Periodical and Anthology Publications

N[orman]. H. Pritchard


Five poems in the Liberator [Volume 7, Number 6 (June 1967): 12-13], with a note by Francis Lucas.
The Vein in The East Village Other [Vol. III, No. 7 (January 19-25, 1968)].
Hoom, "a short story" in Ishmael Reed's 19 Necromancers from Now [Garden City: Doubleday, 1970].
Six poems in Dices or Black Bones: Black Voices of the Seventies, ed. Adam David Miller [Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1970].
"Three Transrealistic Poems" in the first volume of the Yardbird Reader, ed. Reed [Berkeley: Yardbird Publishing, 1972].
Two poems in Richard Kostelanetz' collection In Youth [New York: Ballatine, 1972].
Six poems in Ted Willentz and Tom Weatherly's Natural Process: An Anthology of New Black Poetry [New York: Hill and Wang, 1971],
Inclusion in Paul Bremen's You Better Believe It: Black Verse in English from Africa, the West Indies and the United States [London: Penguin, 1973].
Poems in Clown War Nos. 3-5 [1973-1974]
"Gyre's Galax" in Text-Sound Text, Ed. Kostelanetz [New York: Marrow, 1980].


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