Kenneth Goldsmith

Recalling the extended tracking shot in Jean-Luc Goddard's Week-End, Kenneth Goldsmith's Traffic proves the last of Guy Debord's "Positions Situationnistes Sur La Circulation [Situationist Theses on Traffic]":

Les urbanistes révolutionnaire ne se préoccuperont pas seulemnet de la circulation des choses, et des hommes figés dans un monde de choses. Ils essaieront de briser ces chaines topologiques, en expérimentant des terrains pour la circulation des hommes à travers la vie authentique.
Revolutionary urbanists will not limit their concern to the circulation of things, or to the circulation of human beings trapped in a world of things. They will try to break these topological chains, paving the way with their experiments for a human journey through authentic life.

The second volume in Goldsmith's American trilogy "On the Ones," Traffic is a fitting sequel to The Weather (2005) and anticipates the forthcoming Sports. All three volumes will be available from Ara Shirinyan's Make Now Press (Los Angeles).


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